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About myself and my writing.

I live in northern Alberta, a place of cold winters and fantastic summers. Writing is a part-time endeavor for me, but I enjoy letting my imagination roam and putting it into words.

Many of my stories are of the science fiction or fantasy genre, although I also will go to our present world and time to make up a story.

I do write a fair bit of erotica, touching on bondage and mild BDSM. I prefer stories of a consentual nature when I do place the character in restraints, as I'm a believer in seduction versus force.

I hope you enjoy my tales and I encourage you leave me a note what you thought of my work.

Best wishes,
Nick Howard;
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The Praxton world series

A science fiction tale of a future world where women are kept in restraints and where collars that identify their male guardian.

The Alliance worlds, acting under the Office of the Charter of Conduct, demand Praxton give their women full rights or risk being invaded.

A battle of wills begins when the Praxton women resist being "saved".

This four book series examines the clash of two different social customs.
Praxton, Book Four:
A Vote For Change

Praxton Slaves of the rogue world
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